he Chevrolet Silverado 3500 is built tough. You don’t get to be the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickup truck on the road by tampering by not delivering. The Chevrolet Silverado 3500 delivers. You build on proven success. In the long run, the Chevy Silverado is your best choice for a heavy duty solution.


The Silverado 3500 brings the power, expressly with a standard 440hp 1,250Nm 6.6ltr  Duramax V8 diesel residing under the hood. The through bonnet intake scoop pulls the huge volume of cold air to feed the motor while it powers along the road.

Given that a common weak point in many vehicles is the transmission, GM have selected the durable and ever reliable Allison 1000 series auto. In short, the Allison transmission is known worldwide for being able to endure even the harshest conditions and loads for years and years of service. Notably, the Allison includes an automatic gear down feature to assist with braking or old a speed while coasting down a hill. This truck can control the heaviest of loads with ease.

No need for additional coolers for towing, the Silverado duramax comes standard with a massive radiator, huge inter-cooler along with both engine oil and transmission oil coolers. Just hitch up your trailer and go!!! After all, this is what the truck is built for.



The 3500 Chevy is designed to support a huge load, so it’s equally important to be able to stop. To take care of this, the 3500 uses a massive 4 wheel disc brake system. The heavy duty system comes  standard with an Anti-lock system and electronic stability control. With both of these systems combined they provide a stable and solid platform to carry your slide on camper, tow your boat or caravan. Equally important is the factory standard Engine Exhaust Brake. For the purpose of bolstering towing safety and control. It works together with the auto gear down feature in the Allison, the on-board computer closes off the turbo to act as an exhaust brake. When engaged this helps slow the truck while requiring minimal brake force from the driver.



Every solid structure is built on a solid foundation. To be sure of this, the Silverado 3500 is built on a fully boxed, high strength steel chassis which designed for minimal flex which ultimately provides a rock solid base. Accordingly the suspension in the Chevy gives a smooth ride with the independent front torsion system. The independent front suspension allows for improved ride over many other heavy vehicles and is fully adjustable for right hand drive camber. Given these points, a Silverado provides long term and solid solution to your needs.



In a word, massive. The Chevy Silverado offers what many vehicles do not, a 2,500kg payload while still towing a trailer. Available in a range of configurations, both single and dual rear wheel, short and long bed. The 3500 series allows tow bar ratings of 4,500kg and gooseneck hitch specs of up to 10,800kg. Due to the availability of different configurations, please contact our sales team for detailed capacities.


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